Hi, I'm Charlie

Your text-based financial assistant, ready to save you money

Saving is as easy as sending a text.

Charlie is...


An expert robot who looks
after your finances, 24/7.


Receive unique text insights
to help you save for what matters.


Get the things you want,
and avoid the things you don't.

What can I text Charlie?

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What can Charlie do?

"I like Charlie because he sends me a single text reminder to help me keep track of multiple accounts and avoid bank fees."
- Jack, Oakland

"It's really useful when Charlie sends me a message when a check clears or a deposit hits my account."
- Raka, SF

Does Charlie work with my bank?

Yes. Charlie connects securely with over 14,000 banks and credit cards.


Your money is still safe in your bank —
Charlie just helps you control it.

Complete Privacy

Bank-Level Security

You Stay In Control


Hi, I am Charlie!

Charlie is 100% Free, with nothing to download.You can cancel at any time.